Person search pre-process


Person Search Pre-process feature allows identity search by passing a given query to the CIM core. The query result is appended to Person Creation Pre-process Extension Point input data.

In order to be able to use this feature extension needs to implement the PersonCreationPreProcessSearchExtension and PersonCreationPreProcessExtension. Person Search pre-process is disabled by default.

Person Search Pre-process Extension Point receives following data:

  • expected_profile - profile of a person that is about to be created.
  • external_idp_attributes - attributes from an external Identity Provider to create a Person.

Person Search Pre-process Extension Point returns object with fields:

  • person_search_request - search data request to get possible profile_candidates that are then available in Person Creation Pre-process Extension Point

Extension point usage

Person Search Pre-processing is executed when a Person is created::

  • via Person API
  • when inviting person
  • during person migration
  • during automatic sign-up

To understand how it works together with PersonCreationPreProcessExtension see this topic guide under Determining action for profile candidates.