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Configure RestTemplate

Spring Boot offers a RestTemplate to help facilitate making rest calls. The Onegini Extension Engine has exposed an instance of that object by default to be used within your scripts. It can be accessed using the global REST_TEMPLATE. You may need to configure other classes for use in your JavaScript in order to use the RestTemplate properly.

Configure connection and read timeouts

Property Default Description
RESTSERVICES_WAITFORAVAILABLECONNECTIONINPOOLTIMEOUT 5s Timeout for waiting for available connection in pool
RESTSERVICES_REQUESTCONNECTIONPOOLMAXSIZETOTAL 30 Total max size of the http connection pool
RESTSERVICES_REQUESTCONNECTIONPOOLMAXSIZEPERROUTE 5 Max size of the http connection pool per single route
RESTSERVICES_REQUESTCONNECTIONPOOLVALIDATEAFTERINACTIVITY 2s Timeout validating connection in pool after inactivity
RESTSERVICES_READTIMEOUT 10s Request read timeout
RESTSERVICES_CONNECTIONTIMEOUT 2500ms Request connection timeout

You can use different units for time based properties, ie all of the following will set read timeout to 1 minute:


See writing scripts for help using the RestTemplate object.