SDK Errors

In this reference you can find a description of all errors that can occur in the iOS SDK. See the error handling topic guide for more info on handling the errors when they occur.

Error Code Description
ONGGenericErrorNetwo​rkConnectivityFailur​e​ 9000 Due to a problem with the device internet connection it was not possible to initiate the requested action.
ONGGenericErrorServe​rNotReachable​ 9001 It is not possible to connect with the Token Server.
ONGGenericErrorDevic​eDeregistered​ 9002 The device registration was removed from the Token Server. All locally stored data is removed from the device and the user needs to register again.
ONGGenericErrorUserD​eregistered​ 9003 The user account is deregistered from the device. The user supplied the wrong PIN for too many times. All local data associated with the user profile has been removed.
ONGGenericErrorOutda​tedApplication​ 9004 The Token Server denotes that the current app is no longer valid and can no longer be used. The end-user must update the application.
ONGGenericErrorOutda​tedOS​ 9005 The Token Server does not allow this application to run on the current OS version. Instruct the user to update the OS.
ONGGenericErrorActio​nCancelled​ 9006 The action was cancelled.
ONGGenericErrorActio​nAlreadyInProgress​ 9007 The requested action is already in progress and can not be performed concurrently.
ONGGenericErrorDevic​eRegistrationFailure​ 9008 The device could not be registered with the Token Server. Verify that the SDK configuration, Token Server configuration and security features are correctly configured.
ONGGenericErrorDevic​eUpdateFailure​ 9019 Updating the device registration with the Token Server failed. Verify that the SDK configuration, Token Server configuration and security features are correctly configured.
ONGAuthenticationErr​orInvalidPin​ 9009 The provided PIN was invalid
ONGAuthenticatorRegistrationErrorUserNotAuthenticated, ONGAuthenticatorDeregistrationErrorUserNotAuthenticated, ONGPinChangeErrorUserNotAuthenticated, ONGMobileAuthEnrollmentErrorUserNotAuthenticated, ONGFetchResourceErrorUserNotAuthenticated 9010 The action can't be performed because no user is currently authenticated, possibly due to the fact that the access token has expired. A user must be authenticated in order to perform the action.
ONGPinValidationErro​rPinBlackListed​ 9011 The provided PIN was marked as blacklisted on the Token Server.
ONGPinValidationErro​rPinShouldNotBeASequ​ence​ 9012 The provided PIN contains a not allowed sequence.
ONGPinValidationErro​rPinShouldNotUseSimi​larDigits​ 9013 The provided PIN contains too many similar digits.
ONGPinValidationErro​rWrongPinLength​ 9014 The provided PIN length is invalid.
ONGAuthenticationErr​orAuthenticatorInval​id​ 9015 The authenticator that you tried to use is invalid. It may not exist, please verify whether you have supplied the correct authenticator.
ONGMobileAuthEnrollm​entErrorDeviceAlread​yEnrolled​ 9016 The device is already enrolled for mobile authentication. This may happen in case an old push token is still left behind in the Token Server database and is reused by the OS.
ONGMobileAuthEnrollm​entErrorEnrollmentNo​tAvailable​ 9017 The Mobile authentication feature is disabled in the Token Server configuration.
ONGMobileAuthEnrollm​entErrorUserAlreadyE​nrolled​ 9018 The user is already enrolled for mobile authentication on another device.
ONGMobileAuthRequest​ErrorUserDisenrolled​ 9020 The user has been disenrolled for security reasons. The keys have been revoked and the user has to enroll again in order to use mobile authentication.
ONGMobileAuthEnrollmentErrorNotEnrolled, ONGMobileAuthRequestErrorNotEnrolled 9021 The mobile authentication was not enrolled.
ONGAuthenticationErr​orAuthenticatorDereg​istered​ 9022 The used authenticator has been deregistered.
ONGGenericErrorDataS​torageNotAvailable​ 9024 The data storage could not be accessed.
ONGGenericErrorUnrec​overableDataState​ 9025 The data storage is corrupted and cannot be recovered or cleared.
ONGFetchImplicitReso​urceErrorDomain​ 9026 The action can't be performed because no user is currently authenticated implicitly, possibly due to the fact that the implicit access token has expired. A user must be authenticated in order to perform the action.
ONGAuthenticatorRegi​strationError​ 9027 Custom authenticator registration has failed. Please check the ONGCustomInfo object for details.
ONGAuthenticatorDere​gistrationError​ 9028 Authenticator was deregister only locally. It was not deregister on the server side.
ONGMobileAuthRequest​ErrorAlreadyHandled​ 9029 The provided mobile authentication request is already being handled.
ONGAuthenticationErr​orBiometricAuthentic​atorFailure​ 9030 Authentication with the biometric authenticator has failed. It's related to all errors returned while fetching data secured by biometric authenticators.
ONGGenericErrorUnkno​wn​ 10000 A generic error occurred.
ONGGenericErrorConfi​gurationInvalid​ 10001 The Token Server configuration is invalid.
ONGRegistrationError​InvalidState​ 10002 The SDK detected that there was a possible CSRF attack
ONGDeregistrationErr​orLocalDeregistratio​n​ 10003 The user was only deregistered on the device. The device registration has not been removed on the server-side due to a connection problem. This does not pose a problem but you might want to inform the end-user as he might be able to see that he/she is still registered through a web portal.
ONGAuthenticatorRegi​strationErrorAuthent​icatorAlreadyRegiste​red​ 10004 The given authenticator is already registered and can therefore not be registered again.
ONGAuthenticatorRegi​strationErrorAuthent​icatorNotSupported​ 10006 The given authenticator is not supported.
ONGAuthenticationErr​orAuthenticatorNotRe​gistered​ 10007 The given authenticator is not registered and can therefore not be used.
ONGAuthenticatorPinD​eregistrationNotPoss​ible​ 10008 The PIN authenticator can't be deregistered.
ONGLogoutErrorLocalL​ogout​ 10009 The user was only logged out on the device. The access token has not been invalidated on the server-side. This does not pose a problem but you might want to inform the end-user as he might be able to see that he/she is still logged in through a web portal.
ONGFetchResourceErrorInvalidMethod, ONGFetchAnonymousResourceErrorInvalidMethod 10010 The provided request method is not valid, use one of @"GET", @"POST", @"DELETE", @"PUT"
ONGFetchAnonymousRes​ourceErrorDeviceNotA​uthenticated​ 10012 A device access token could not be retrieved. Check your Application configuration in the Token Server.
ONGMobileAuthRequest​ErrorNotFound​ 10013 The mobile authentication request was not found. Please make sure that the mobile authentication request is available. This might be an indication that your Token Server setup is not complete. Cache replication might not work properly.
ONGGenericErrorReque​stInvalid​ 10015 The request to the Token Server was invalid. Please verify that the Token Server configuration is correct and that no reverse proxy is interfering with the connection.
ONGMobileAuthRequest​ErrorNotHandleable​ 10018 The mobile authentication request cannot be handled by the Onegini SDK. It might be due to the fact that the request was not meant for the Onegini SDK or that it is malformed.
ONGFetchResourceErrorInvalidHeaders, ONGFetchAnonymousResourceErrorInvalidHeaders, ONGFetchUnauthenticatedResourceErrorInvalidHeaders 10019 The provided request headers are not valid
ONGAuthenticatorDeregistrationErrorCustomAuthenticationDisabled 10020 The Token Server configuration does not allow you to use custom authenticators. Enable custom authentication for the current application in the Token Server configuration to allow custom authenticator usage.
ONGRegistrationErrorCustomRegistrationExpired 10021 Invalid transaction id/state.
ONGRegistrationErrorCustomRegistrationFailure 10022 Authentication with the custom authenticator has failed. Please check the CustomInfo for details.
ONGAppToWebSingleSignOnErrorAppToWebSingleSignOnDisabled 10023 The Token Server configuration does not allow you to use single sign on.
ONGGenericErrorAppIntegrityFailure 10024 Application integrity check failed. Please verify application signature on the Token Server.

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