Mobile Identity & Access

Architectural overview


On the architectural overview page you'll get a quick introduction to the MSP landscape. We'll start by explaining the feature sets from a functional perspective: what are the responsibilities that the Onegini Mobile Security Platform takes on? Next, you'll see the various software components that the Mobile Platform provides, how they interact with one another and how they interact with components in your existing landscape. Last, in the functional flows section we'll take you through the flow of the main business processes and which components are responsible for those steps.

Functional overview

On the left you see your business app where the MSP provides options for Authentication processes like enrollment and 2d factor authentication. Within these processes you can use a wide range of authenticators. The MSP natively provides a pin-code mechanism and provides seamless integration with biometric solutions like fingerprint authentication on your iOS or Android device. Out of the box you can setup a wide range of security features like jailbreak detection, tampering protection and payload encryption.

On the right you see the server side functionality where you provide the apps with data and monitor and control the flows and traffic. The MSP uses OAuth 2.0 tokens to protect your API's. It enables access to users are allowed to use it. On the server side you'll manage and control all the rules and configuration like a pincode policy, the applicable mobile OS versions your users have to use or which fallback mechanism between authenticators you allow. Because the MSP hands out tokens and verifies the user, it is in an ideal position to continuously monitor the system to see if there's anything out of the ordinary going on. We'll share the graphs and provide you with insight on which you can take action.

Component overview

In the overview below you see the various components in the MSP and with which components they interact in your current architecture. Blue components are part of the core Onegini Mobile Secure Platform. White components are generally present in your current architecture.

Functional flows

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