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Identity & Single Sign On

Latest version End Of Life
Identity 8.x 7.x
EOL December 2022
EOL May 2021
Delegated Administration for
Business Partners
Customer service 2.x

Mobile Identity & Access

Are you using multi-tenant version of the Onegini Identity Cloud? Navigate to the multi-tenant Access documentation.

Latest End of Life
Token Server 13.x 10.x
EOL May 2021
Extension Engine 2.x
Security Proxy 5.x
Check compatibility matrix
Latest End of Life
iOS SDK 11.x 10.x
EOL Dec 2022
EOL Apr 2022
Android SDK 11.x 10.x
EOL Jan 2022
Cordova Plugin 9.x 8.x
EOL Jan 2022
EOL Jan 2022
Authenticator App 2.x 1.x
EOL Dec 2022
Mobile compatibility matrix
Version Operating system
minimal version
Token Server
minimal version
Security Proxy
minimal version
Example app SDK configurator
iOS SDK 11.x iOS 13.0 12.16.x 5.4.x 1.x 5.x
10.x iOS 12.0 12.12.x 5.4.x 1.x 4.x
9.x iOS 9.0 10.x 5.x 1.x 4.x
Android SDK 11.x Android 6.0 12.12.x 5.4.x 7.x 5.x
10.x Android 4.4 10.x 5.x 6.x 4.x
Cordova Plugin 9.x
  • iOS 12.0
  • Android 6.0
12.12.x 5.4.x 8.x 5.x
  • iOS 9.0
  • Android 6.0
10.x 5.x 8.x 4.x
  • iOS 9.0
  • Android 6.0
10.x 5.x 7.x 4.x


We try to release new features frequently. This means that minor releases will be available often. We try to keep everything backwards compatible as much as possible. We will create major releases max 2 times a year, but won’t do that if it is not necessary. Major releases contain breaking changes, so will require a bit more effort to upgrade.

EOL: End of life

When we mark a release as end of life (EOL), please plan your upgrade as soon as possible. After releasing a new major version, we will mark the previous major EOL and will keep supporting it for 1 year. This means we will do bugfixes and security patches, but will not add new features.

Version numbering

Onegini uses semantic versioning for all its software products. Given a version number major.minor.patch:

  • Major: Feature release with incompatible API changes. Upgrading will require some effort, so reserve time to test.
  • Minor: Backwards compatible feature release. Reserve time to test.
  • Patch: Backwards-compatible bug fixes only including security patches and bug fixes. Update when you can.