In-memory authentication

For scenarios where neither an LDAP server nor header authentication is available (e.g. while testing), there is an in-memory user store for a single user. This in-memory user store is disabled by default.

Property Default value Description
SECURITY_​IN_​MEMORY_​ENABLED false Flag to enable/disable the in-memory user store
SECURITY_​IN_​MEMORY_​USERNAME tokenserver Username to log in
SECURITY_​IN_​MEMORY_​PASSWORD Password to log in.

When no value is set for SECURITY_IN_MEMORY_PASSWORD, a random value is generated during start up. In a clustered environment each node will generate a different random password. In order to know the the random password, the logger level of must be set to DEBUG:


With that property the password will be printed to the console during startup:

... .InMemoryUserAuthenticationConfiguration : using '3dd92895f09dfeb71b0184bcb90612d7' as the password for the 'tokenserver' user

The default user has the admin role, which means they can access the admin console without any limitations.