Configure proxy

The Token Server supports using a proxy for outgoing connections.

Note: Currently, the described proxy configuration works only for sending iOS push notifications through APNs. In the future this configuration will be used for all outbound connections.

In order to configure the proxy, go to the Configuration section of the administration console, then System and click the Proxy tab.

The picture below shows the Proxy view in the Admin Console with example values.

Proxy form

Enable using a proxy

In order to be able to use a proxy you need to enable it by checking Proxy enabled checkbox.

Specify host

Note: If you leave this field empty, it will be interpreted as localhost. Using a partial IP address will result in resolving it to a full IP address (for example 192.1 ->

Specify port

A valid port value is between 0 and 65535.

Use authentication

In order to be able to use the proxy with authentication you need to enable it by checking the Authentication enabled checkbox. You need to provide the username and password along.

Disable proxy support

In order to disable the proxy support feature you need to uncheck the Proxy enabled checkbox.

Apply the proxy configuration

After saving the proxy configuration you need to restart the Token Server Engine Application. Without this step the updated configuration will not be applied.