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Migration from GCM to FCM

For mobile authentication with push, the GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) service was used to deliver a push message to the device. Since version 6.0.0, the newer FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) service is used instead.

Android SDK version using GCM (SDK versions prior to 8.0.0)

This migration does not require any action. API keys previously used for GCM can be used for FCM without any issues, since FCM is fully backward compatible with GCM. This means sending push notifications from an FCM Server Application to GCM Client Applications is fully supported.

Android SDK version using FCM (since SDK version 8.0.0)

If you want to start using SDK version with FCM you need to migrate your project to Firebase console and update your push messaging configuration in the Admin console:

Import your GCM project as a Firebase project

  1. Go to Firebase Console.
  2. Follow the instructions described in Import your GCM project as a Firebase project section of the GCM to FCM migration guide .

Configure FCM Server Key

Configuring FCM Server Key is described in Configuring FCM Server Key

Configure FCM uri

Configuring FCM uri is described in here