Geolocation service

The geolocation service is an external service the Onegini Token Server uses to detect the browser and the user location based on the ip address and User-agent http header. It is currently only used during mobile authentication to give additional contextual information to your users.


In order to configure the geolocation service, you must first enable it on the Features tab. Once it is enabled, a new tab called Geolocation service will appear where further configuration is required.

Geolocation service configuration

The table below describes the properties that need to be configured.

Field name Default Description
Url The Url to an external service endpoint that provides geolocation data. Currently the Onegini Token Server only supports IpQualityScore.
Private key The Private key obtained during registration with IpQualityScore.


To limit the amount of actual calls to the external service, the queries are cached with a configurable TTL.