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Customise links

The screens of Onegini IdP contain links to FAQs or other pages that inform the user about Onegini IdP. These links can be overridden.

  • Go to the Configuration section of the admin console
  • Choose Template links

Some links are not present in the default templates of Onegini IdP, but only in customised installations.

Template link Usage Remark
Go to homepage Link to a general landing page Present in dashboard, mail verification result and error pages
IdP logo link Link on the logo Header on all pages
Logout url Link on a logout button Not present in default templates
Terms of use url Link in sign up form, footer on all pages Must be filled in
Privacy statement url Link to privacy statement Link appears in the footer when filled in
Support page url Link to support page Link appears in the footer when filled in
Security status info url Extra information about account security Not present in default templates
Step-up authentication dead end info url Possible link to information about how to proceed when step-up authentication is not possible Not present in default templates
Change username info url Link to information about user names On page to create a password for users that log in with a social identity
Username forgotten url Link to information when user has forgotten his user name Not present in default templates
Contact form url Link to a contact form Not present in default templates
Welcome email details url Link in the welcome e-mail to FAQ page
Disclaimer url Link to disclaimer page Not present in default templates

These messages contain links as a part of the sentence. The full message must be overridden to present a different link.

Key Default destination Usage Remark
personal.login.intro /personal/content/support Login page Hidden if a content page is created for login page host + /personal/dashboard Password reset email HTML body host + /personal/dashboard Password reset email plain text body