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Account removable by user

By default, a person cannot remove their account. This topic guide covers the necessary steps and conditions to allow a person to remove their account.

Needed prerequisites:

  • Onegini IdP instance must be running. For the sake of this guide, we assume it's available under address
  • Onegini IdP must have the User can delete their own account toggled under the Processes section in Configuration -> Feature management tab

If those conditions are met, there should be a visible account removal link on the dashboard under the personal details section.

Required auth level

The logged-in user needs to have a sufficient authentication level that can be configured via the Onegini IdP admin panel in Smart security -> Minimum authentication levels -> Remove account.

Confirming account removal

After clicking the link, the user will be asked to confirm the action.

Landing on the account removal page via redirect after logging in

If a direct link to the remove-account page is required (even for scenarios where the user is not logged in yet), you can build up the URL by following this example:

The Return URL needs to be whitelisted for this link to work. This can be configured in the Onegini IdP admin console under Configuration -> General information -> Redirect url whitelist section.


The new template is available under the path: templates/personal/remove-account.html. It can be overridden as any other CIM template.