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Transforming Profile Attributes

Profile Attributes transformation feature allows you to edit some of the person's profile attributes before saving or updating them in the database.

Currently, following profile attributes can be transformed: - person's custom attributes


In order to be able to transform profile attributes the Idp Extension needs to implement the ProfileAttributesTransformationExtension. To enable the usage of this extension point set environmental variable IDP_EXTENSION_PROFILE_ATTRIBUTES_TRANSFORMATION_ENABLED to true on the extension.

Custom Attributes transformation rules

Onegini IdP will only transform custom attributes which keys are known on the Onegini IdP side before performing the transformation. This means that you cannot delete or add new custom attributes with usage of ProfileAttributesTransformationExtension or modify the keys (ones that are added on extension point are ignored during the transformation). To modify value of a custom attribute, ProfileAttributesTransformationExtension should return it in profile's custom attributes list with same key and new value. If the value provided by extension point is empty or key is not present, custom attribute value will not be transformed.

Other attributes transformation

Currently, if any of the standard profile attribute is modified by implementation of ProfileAttributesTransformationExtension, changes will be ignored by Onegini IdP.