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Automatic migration with Facebook

This chapter will guide you through the steps required to configure automatic migration with Facebook in Onegini IdP. This feature allows users to migrate automatically when email attribute is returned within Facebook's Oauth2 response. Email attribute value is used to verify if user account exists in external data store that is used for migration.


To successfully complete this topic guide you need to ensure following prerequisites:

  • Onegini IdP instance must to be running, for the sake of this guide we assume it's available under address
  • Onegini IdP must have the Username & password identity provider configured
  • Onegini IdP must have the Facebook identity provider configured as described in Configure Facebook IdP

Configure automatic migration in Onegini IdP

Visit page and login to Onegini IdP admin console. Select Config menu option and navigate to Feature management tab and check `Migration enabled in Migration section.


To test automatic migration with Facebook please try login to Onegini IdP by selecting Facebook identity provider available on login page. On the migration login page please provide email address and password of the existing account in external system. The account will be migrated from external system and you should see the dashboard with email address. The newly created person profile at Onegini IdP will be coupled with the Facebook account.