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SMS notifications

The Onegini IdP supports the following SMS providers:

  • Twilio
  • CM
  • Messaging service (e.g. to connect to a non-natively supported SMS Gateway)

The table below summarises the supported SMS types:

SMS type Message key Message type* Template name* Parameter names*
PASSWORD_RESET personal.passwordResetCode.sms.message.content cim.password-reset password-reset code
PIN_RESET personal.tempPin.sms.message.content pin-reset tempPin
USERNAME_REMINDER personal.usernameReminder.sms.message.content cim.username-reminder username-reminder username
INVITATION_VERIFICATION personal.invitation.verification.sms.message.content cim.invitation-verification invitation-verification code
STEP_UP personal.stepUp.sms.message.content cim.step-up step-up code
PHONE_NUMBER_VERIFICATION personal.verification.sms.message.content phone-number-verification code

* Only applicable for integration with the Messaging service

  • Message key - The message key in the Onegini IdP (maintained through Custom Messages), which contains the text of the SMS body. These keys take the user's locale into account.
  • Message type - Indication of the scenario for which the SMS is sent.
  • Template name - The name of the mustache template that needs to be uploaded via Customer Self Styling, to overwrite the message key.