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After installing Onegini IdP we can focus on configuration. As Onegini IdP is used for user authentication we will configure it to authenticate with example service provider.

Configure Identity Provider

  1. As a first step we will configure Identity Provider in Onegini IdP as it's required to login to Onegini IdP. Please login to admin panel via with login and password provided to you by Onegini.

  2. After being logged in you should see home page of admin panel. Then go to Config -> Identity Providers and click + button to add a new Identity Provider.

  3. To keep it simple please select Username & Password from Type list and give it name Username and Password leaving the rest of fields as is and click Save.

  4. To be sure that you configured Identity Provider properly please try to register and login to the Onegini IdP. To do it go to, click on Register button and fill in all the fields, eg. with values:

    Voornaam: John
    Achternaam: Doe
    Mobiele nummer: <fake mobile number>
    E-mailadres: [email protected]
    Wachtwoord: Password!1
    Bevestig wachtwoord: Password!1
  5. Confirm terms of use by selecting checkbox and click Aanmaken. After that you should be redirected to dashboard which means that Identity Provider has been configured properly. Please enter url to log out.

Configure Service Provider

  1. Before starting with configuration of Service Provider you need to download it's metadata. To do it please go to and save downloaded file, it will be required in further steps.

  2. Login to admin panel, go to Organisations and click on + button. You will see form responsible for creating new organisation.

  3. Please fill in only Name field with example value My Organisation and click Save.

  4. After being redirected back to list of organisations please click on newly created organisation and go to Service Providers tab. Click on + button and select SAML from Type list. After selecting SAML, new field Metadata will be shown.

  5. Please copy contents of downloaded metadata file and paste it in Metadata field. As a last step please confirm form changes by clicking Save button.

Test configured setup

Having all the configuration done we should be able to login to Service Provider via Onegini IdP. To do it please go to Service Provider main page after which you will be redirected to idp login page. Please fill in username and password for previously created user [email protected] and Password!1. Confirm it by clicking Login button. After successful login you will be redirected back to Service Provider page where you will see your user's data.


Good job! You've successfully configured basic setup for Onegini IdP.