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Import users to CIM

About Import API

An Import API allows to import users from an external system to the Onegini IdP. For example, to import users from one Onegini IdP instance to another.

How do I configure the Import API?

The Import API is disabled by default. To enable the feature: go to the Onegini Consumer Identity Access Manager then go to the tab Configuration -> click the tab Feature management.

How do I use the Import API?

The details of the Import API can be found here: Import API.

In case of large user's data import, users should be divided into parts (for example 100 users per request). the response contains a list of identifiers of the users that were imported successfully. If an error occurs, detailed information on what caused the error will be shown. Please also note that import operation can take some time, especially in case of big databases and high network latency.

Possibilities and limitations of the Import API

The Import API makes it possible to:

  • import a person with status (CREATED, INVITED, ACTIVATED and BLOCKED) and profile
  • couple a person with a Username and password identity provider

The Import API has a few limitations. It is not possible to:

  • import a person in status INACTIVE
  • couple a person in status INVITED with a Username and password identity provider