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Extension compatibility and releasing

Interface compatibility

Onegini IdP Extension exposes REST API therefore it is necessary to consider compatibility of the Onegini IdP Extension interface with Onegini IdP Core. Both applications must depend on the same major Onegini IdP Extension SDK version to ensure interface compatibility.

The following table explains whether compatibility is preserved for certain components' versions:

Onegini IdP Extension SDK version in Onegini IdP Core Onegini IdP Extension SDK version in Onegini IdP Extension Compatibility preserved
1.1.0 1.4.3 yes
1.1.0 2.0.1 no
3.1.0 2.0.1 no

Resources compatibility

The subsequent minor Onegini IdP Core version may introduce new feature for which changes in resources (template or static) are necessary. In such case the customized resources may have to be adapted in order to provide the functionality. Upgrade instructions contain information about the changes in the resources for particular versions.

Please see Extension Resources section for detailed information about handling customized resources.

Releasing and versioning

Onegini IdP Core and Onegini IdP Extension components have independent life cycles, versioning and releasing process.