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Mobile Step-up authentication

About Step-up authentication

Mobile Step-up authentication is a process by which an end-user logs in with a mobile device to perform Step-up authentication. Also see Mobile Login.


Ensure the following prerequisites:

  • The Onegini IdP must be running;
  • Access to the Onegini Consumer Identity Access Manager;
  • Mobile Login has to be configured.

How do I configure Mobile Step-up authentication?

  • Mobile step-up authentication requires access to the Onegini Token Server API. Please refer to the Onegini Token Server configuration for more details about the configuration with the Onegini Token Server.
  • Log in to the Onegini Consumer Identity Access Manager -> go to Smart Security -> go to Step-up authentication.

Additionally, there is a section on mobile step-up authentication configuration that contains the following fields:

Field name Description
Authentication type Mobile step-up authentication configuration name. This name needs to match with the corresponding field within the Onegini Token Server.
Login Message Mobile step-up authentication message to show on the end-users mobile device.

You can configure message that the end-user will see on his mobile device when a mobile step-up authentication request is sent. It can be set directly in field Smart Security -> Step-up authentication, Message in Mobile step-up authentication section, or if translations are needed firstly clear that field, as it has priority, then add a custom message for key